Yuvraj Raghuvanshi is an Indian Entrepreneur, Marketing professional, PR Expert, Angel Investor and Keynote Speaker. Yuvraj’s primary areas of work include PR & Marketing for the Indian film and television industry. Over the years, he has been catering to a diverse global client base that includes prominent names from Bollywood, Indian television, Politics, Public Figures, Influencers and top unicorn companies in the country.

As an investor, he has aided the growth of 8 startups and guided them to success. As a marketing and PR expert, he has established a stature of being the most credible and effective in the space. It takes perfectionism and commitment like Yuvraj to make a mark in the overcrowded internet era. He has been honored with the “Self-made young entrepreneur of India” award.

He has risen from the ashes and his success story was also covered by multiple publications and media channels. Yuvraj has truly come a long way from having just Rs.6000 in his packet to building a multi-million business in barely a year. His unwavering vision helped him immensely in this journey.

He is revered for his expertise in marketing and PR. Yuvraj’s current endeavor is the 5ire blockchain that he has been marketing for over 11 months. 5ire has now received unicorn status and created ripples in the space.

Born: November 4, 1997 | Place: Noida, India
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